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Boomer Banks

Gender Queer Hispanic who loves his community and will advocate for LGBTQ+ POC rights. Fashion is my passion and my kink. Dog dad Drag Dad Porn Dad I like being a dad.

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Height:  5'11"
Birthday:  June 13th
Astrological Sign:  Gemini
Eye Color:  Brown
Body Type:  Muscular
Role:  Versatile
Cock Size:  9.5"
Cock:  Uncut
Favorite Foods:  Bacon, duh!
Favorite Movie:  Showgirls
Favorite City to Visit:  San Franscisco
Hobbies:  Drag, Cooking Mexican Food and Fighting Systematic Raciscm
What I Like Most:  My doggoo Buster and Fashion
What I Don't Like:  The word "Nips"
How To Make Me Happy:  Rub my feet and cuddle fuck
Favorite Quote:  "There's something wrong with your character if opportunity controls your loyalty"
Hair Color:  Black

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