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Nic Sahara

Nic is an easy going guy that really can't get mad. Ge likes sushi and a night out with friends. And, of course, he loves his dog!

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Height:  5'10"
Birthday:  July 7th
Astrological Sign:  Cancer
Eye Color:  Brown
Body Type:  Muscular
Role:  Versatile Top
Cock Size:  7.5"
Cock:  Uncut
Favorite Foods:  Caribbean Food
Favorite City to Visit:  San Diego
Hobbies:  Gym, Visiting Family, Shopping and Photoshoots
What I Like Most:  The Ocean
What I Don't Like:  Snow
Best Thing About Me:  I'm one of the nicest guys you will ever meet
Worst Thing About Me:  My Patience
How To Make Me Happy:  Be Nice
Favorite Quote:  The only time you can't do something is when you think you can't
Hair Color:  Brunette

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