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Only Matt

I'm the kind of good player who wants to try everything in my life. I don't take myself seriously, for me everything is in the desire to please others and to share special moments. I am passionate in everything I do, my goal is to always be the best. I am the most generous of egocentrics and the most amiable of narcissists. my body is super important to me, I'm not afraid to suffer to achieve what I want to look like. I've worked at the same place for 23 years, I have a daughter that age, I've been in the army and travel a lot, and I've been in a relationship almost all my life. Only single for a year, I take this opportunity to have fun on social networks, and for me making porn movies is a fantasy that I wanted to do and I want to go as far as possible, like everything I do.

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Height:  5'9"
Eye Color:  Green
Body Type:  Athletic
Role:  Versatile Bottom
Cock Size:  7"
Cock:  Cut
Favorite Foods:  Raw fish - meat
Favorite Movie:  Indiana Jones 2
Favorite City to Visit:  Istanbul
Hobbies:  Sports
What I Like Most:  Smiling
What I Don't Like:  Snakes
Best Thing About Me:  Easy going
Worst Thing About Me:  Never can’t get enough
How To Make Me Happy:  Make me laugth
Favorite Quote:  Nothing happens for nothing
Hair Color:  Black

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