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Pietro Duarte

To know who I am it is not enough to know me, it is necessary to discover me.

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Height:  5'5"
Birthday:  March 3rd
Astrological Sign:  Pisces
Eye Color:  Brown
Body Type:  Ripped
Role:  Versatile
Cock Size:  7.5"
Cock:  Uncut
Favorite Foods:  Chicken
Favorite Movie:  Show: Greys Anatomy
Favorite City to Visit:  Amsterdam
Hobbies:  Going to the gym
What I Like Most:  Reading
What I Don't Like:  Lying
Best Thing About Me:  Funny and honest
Worst Thing About Me:  Shy sometimes
How To Make Me Happy:  Play music
Favorite Quote:  There Is Nothing Permanent Except Change
Hair Color:  Black

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