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Steve Rickz

Steve Rickz is a German/Hungarian bisexual/pansexual versatile pornographer. He is into all body types and races. He has a big thick cock and a phat booty. He is a great athlete and a pretty decent painter. Steve also loves to make people laugh. He has been fighting off being camera shy and having social anxiety for a while and has made great hurdles. Steve still values his alone time but needs his people-time too!

👍 14
Height:  5'10"
Birthday:  April 28th
Astrological Sign:  Taurus
Eye Color:  Blue
Body Type:  Muscular
Role:  Versatile Top
Cock Size:  7.5"
Cock:  Cut
Favorite Foods:  Dumplings, Dim Sum
Favorite Movie:  The Green Mile
Favorite City to Visit:  San Diego
Hobbies:  Ice Hockey, Wrestling, Painting, Video Games, and Comedy
What I Like Most:  Pleasing my partner, being dominant
What I Don't Like:  Pain, marks, bruises.
Best Thing About Me:  I'm into most things and well rounded
Worst Thing About Me:  I'm very disorganized and I don't like to cook much
How To Make Me Happy:  Have an open-minded conversation with me and be genuinely interested
Favorite Quote:  "Alriiiiiiiighhhttyy then" - Ace Ventura
Hair Color:  Blonde

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