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Markus Kage

I am just a very open dude and try not to take things too seriously. Just looking to enjoy life with people I love.

Markus Kage is a crazy 30-something retired professional fighter and stripper with a diploma in Biotechnology. He started an only fans page not too long ago, which got him interested in doing professional porn. He approached the Masqulin team with one goal in mind - to be the next top gay pornstar; same as when he was fighting -- the only place he wants to be is number #1.

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Height:  5'10"
Birthday:  January 10th
Astrological Sign:  Capricorn
Eye Color:  Brown
Body Type:  Muscular
Role:  Versatile Top
Cock Size:  8"
Cock:  Uncut
Favorite Foods:  Sushi, Cheesecake, Burgers
Favorite Movie:  Avengers End Game
Favorite City to Visit:  Anywhere warm
Hobbies:  Lifting, Cooking, Relaxing
What I Like Most:  Fucking, Naps, Food
What I Don't Like:  Stupid People
Best Thing About Me:  Sense of humour
Worst Thing About Me:  Short temper
How To Make Me Happy:  Feed me
Hair Color:  Brunette

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Markus Kage Comments

JoanieC123 08/02/2019
Yay! I've been waiting to see Markus (Simon) in gay porn. 😍

DonBri55 08/06/2019
This guy Markus delivers. He is my spirit animal.

DonBri55 08/06/2019
I'm a bi-Male top. I like to be the bigger guy and Markus is my goal persona. He tears up Alex and that was hot AF. But the one with the British guy was super hot. He rides Markus like a boss... but Markus in the bed shows his who is boss. My porn taste vary. But Markus and his grunts is WHAT IS UP!

RHOOD 08/10/2019
Please make a scene with Markus and Ryan Bones, and one with Markus and Troy Daniels. DAMN what a hot scene those would be..

Man Observer 10/26/2019
Markus is absolutely a very handsome guy, what a bod! good pairing with Alex, seeing more penetrating scenes from behind would have made it a 5 star vid! still love it though...

develand 05/14/2020
Cage is my total fantasy, keep him w/gay models as a dom! He should never sub, what a man, where can I see his fights?

develand 05/14/2020
Damn! I'd love him to lose his temper on me and make me his sub bitch! Where can I see his fights? Don't waste him in scenes bottoming, just pair him as a dom w/gay models so he's truly appreciated!

Fit424 06/22/2020
His deep-throated growls & grunts are sexy, but his facial expressions, eyes, biting & licking lips etc. also help make him seem like he is sincerely enjoying what he is doing. I like that he carries the same energy pitching & catching. Too many 'stars' lack personality and believability for me. There are a lot of good looking men, but passion is hard to teach. I appreciate what this guy does.

Peterhot 08/29/2020
Marc is my best fantasy, handsome, beautiful and a very charming guy!

Tristan Paris 10/03/2020
If those are the kind of tattoos he wanted he sure got some good ones.

Cantget2much 12/21/2020
Markus has got it going smoking hot